USA Watchdog – Belgium Terror Just the Beginning of Insecure World-Egon von Greyerz

By Greg Hunter’s Financial expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says terror attacks, like the one that just happened in Brussels, can destabilize the entire world. EvG, who lives in Switzerland, explains, “This is obviously a very sad day for our friends in Belgium, but at the same time, we know this is just the […]

USA Watchdog – Michael Pento-Global Currency Depreciation Derby-Gold Big Winner

Published on Mar 15, 2016 Financial expert Michael Pento warns, “One thing you cannot fake, you cannot fake the amount of revenue that comes into the government’s coffers. That’s what’s available to service debt. That you cannot fake. When that amount of income diminishes, you are left with currency monetization–debt monetization. This is printing of […]

USA Watchdog – Catherine Austin Fitts-Criminals Running US Government

Published on Mar 6, 2016 Are criminals running the U.S. government? Catherine Austin Fitts, who is a former Assistant HUD Secretary, says, “Yes. . . . The American government . . . is running the central banking warfare model globally, and it depends heavily on criminal profits. If you look at the general population, the […]