USA Watchdog – Dane Wigington-Chemtrail Lawsuit to Stop Damaging Spraying Filed in Canada

Published on Apr 10, 2016 Scientists who would like to speak out about the harmful effects of climate engineering (chemtrails) are being threatened and gagged as geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington points out, “U.S. government scientists have no First Amendment protection–none. Now, there is a federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all NOAA […]

USA Watchdog – Uncovered Government Docs Prove Chemtrails Real-Dane Wigington By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) Lead researcher Dane Wigington for the global climate engineering informational website,, says newly discovered U.S. government documents prove global climate manipulation, commonly referred to as chemtrails, is real. Not only that, but the document, that originated in the U.S. Senate, also proves weather manipulation has been […]

Anti-Geoengineering Attorneys Give Updated Statement On Preparations For Geoengineering Legal Action

Published on Sep 8, 2015… On August 14th, 2015, there was a major event in Northern California that was organized for the purpose of exposing and halting global climate engineering programs that are decimating our planet and the entire web of life. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government […]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 29, 2015

Thanks Annette. KS Published on Aug 29, 2015… This week on Global Alert News, yet more blatant censorship from Northern California’s “Record Searchlight” newspaper. The planetary burn-down continues as does the global stock market propping up, it is all a grand illusion on Wall Street. As the biosphere implodes, the global economic house […]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 22, 2015

Published on Aug 22, 2015… Mainstream media decides what we are informed about and what not. A major climate engineering awareness event took place on August 14th in Redding, California. There were approximately 1000 in attendance with people coming from as far away as Ohio and Alaska. There were former government scientists, former […]