This blog is a tool in which to collect information & share it with those fellow seekers. The information may not always be correct but it is all part of the journey of discovery & is not necessarily the opinion of this researcher. It is all researched & passed on from a place of integrity & love. Love is the answer no matter what.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. i love bonacci message, is powerfull, only the inteligente once can understand it, infact his message is freedow for all life, but i have a question, how come about the first SON that begin everything in existance.

  2. China holding 1,294 TRILLION in U.S. paper??? I think that is 1000 times TOO HIGH!!! Makes for impressive “bull” though!!

    • Landru did. You have come to a world without hate, without fear, without conflict, no war, no disease, no crime. None of the ancient evils. Landru seeks tranquility, peace for all, the universal good.

  3. Hello Dr. KB and Dr. Hall…..

    I just wanted to tell you how saddened and sickened I am at the recent “stunt” pulled against you by Gordon Duff and VT.

    I saw it all go down and I haven’t been able to regain my appetite for food since it happened, it was absolutely despicable what Duff did. Not just editing comments, which he does all the time (that’s bad enough) but actually making things up (some garbage about Mormons) and attributing them to Dr. Hall.

    It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Mr. Duff is one sick specimen.

    Feel free to delete, this, I meant to send it to you email but I can’t find it if i ever had it.

    My Sincerest Regrets,


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