The Time Has Come………


Hello Beautiful People,
Yesterday I was blocked from making any new posts which gave me some time to reflect. The time has come to step away & spend my energy in other areas, for the immediate future anyway. I have felt a huge responsibility to post daily as so much is being presented right now & so many people are looking for the truth & I have done my best to respond to that. To all those that have subscribed to this blog or watched it I thank you from the bottom of my heart & honour your search………bravo!! This can be a tough road. To watch a world that no longer has a place to continue forward on the same road & try & find the way forward can be soul destroying, believe me I know. Sometimes please, if you get overwhelmed, walk away from the computer & go & draw energy from Mother Earth. Do something you love & are passionate about as that is what keeps your light well lit! It is most important right now for us to be happy, centred & balanced in all this chaos. It is time for me to light up & focus on my other role. I will list below some of the sites I watch daily so you can continue to do the research if you feel so inclined. I may from time to time post something that I feel needs to be seen.
This for me now is like letting my baby go as I have learnt & grown so much through the journey of this blog but just like children you give them roots & then you give them wings……..from my blog I have grown wings.
Thank you everyone, nothing but love to you all.
Project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy
David Icke Youtube
Joseph P Farrell Youtube
SGTreport Youtube
Enter the Buzzsaw Youtube
Jeff Rense Youtube
Suspicious Observers Youtube
Luke Rudowski/WeAreChange Youtube
James Corbett/The Corbett Report Youtube
Kaypacha/Astrology for the Soul Youtube
Vinny Eastwood Youtube
Randy Maugans Youtube
Greg Hunter/USA Watchdog Youtube
Clif High Youtube


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