USA Watchdog – Scott Uehlinger-Iran Deal Increases Chance for Middle East War

Published on Apr 12, 2016

On Iran’s recent public push for ballistic missile development, Scott Uehlinger, who is a 20 year CIA veteran and is an expert on Russia and Iran, says, “None of this is a surprise to people like us. However, this is a surprise to this administration, which just has a willful blindness and an ideology it sticks to and doesn’t want to hear anything to the contrary. They wanted to conclude something with Iran, and it was done, even though all evidence pointing to this would be a disaster. It’s an absolute disaster. It’s unconscionable that you can have a non-agreement agreement and release money seized by the international community since 1979 . . . and unfreeze that, and the Iranians have admitted they are going to use some of that money for terrorist activity. They are progressing with their missile activity and threatening the United States for daring to criticize them. . . .They are going to increase the chances for war in the Middle East, not decrease it.”

Uehlinger, who is also running to be a Republican delegate in Pennsylvania, says Hillary not being charged for her use of an unprotected private server may be to the advantage of the GOP come November. Uehlinger explains, “I have talked to some whose fear, their fear is that she will be charged. If this happened at the 11th hour, what might happen is Biden might be put up. I know people who have greater fear of Biden running against either Cruz or Trump than Hillary. It might be the best thing for the Republican Party for Hillary to remain where she is as a candidate because she can be defeated.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Operations Officer Scott Uehlinger.

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