Bix Weir – When Patient Waiting Turns to Fear…Help Turn Fear into Hope


We’ve been waiting a long time. A long time for gold and silver manipulation to end. A long time or the stock markets to crash. A long time for the derivative markets to crash. A long time for the US Dollar and other unbacked money to destroy themselves.
We’ve been waiting for a long time for a lot of things to happen.
But now it can all be seen how and why it would happen. Gov’t budgets are off the charts, Europe is a disaster, Energy companies are walking Zombies (Peabody Energy filed for BK today) and the derivative bubble just keeps getting bigger and more unstable. In the last 6 months the stock price of the world’s largest derivative holder, Deutsche Bank, has been cut in half.
All of the above were forecast to happen long ago…back when nobody thought anything was wrong with our system.
Now that we can SEE how it will all be taken down and as we continue the WAITING GAME our patient waiting is quickly turning into Fear.
Fear that it won’t go smoothly.
Fear that we haven’t prepared enough.
Fear that we may NEVER recover from the destruction of the system.
Fear is replacing patience at all levels of this game.
Our job is not to be paralyzed by the Fear. To explain to friends and family what is happening and to help them understand that this process really CAN put us in a much better place for the future of humanity.
In a world where Debt is the problem – a global monetary crash is the only SOLUTION.
Imagine a world of no more debt and you can understand why 99.9% of the population will be better off AFTER the CRASH.
Turning FEAR into HOPE is our Job so be ready to spread HOPE.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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