Bases 57 Gabe Cruz TI Part 5 Fighting Back

Published on Apr 5, 2016

Session 2 with Gab Cruz, this time in a positive and fighting back mode. We return some weeks after the first session (Parts 1 -4), with Gabe fighting back, and using a Royal Rife multi frequency machine to counter act the psycotronic radio wave attacks he is suffering from.
Multifrequency signals can be used to heal, but also as a weapon. Here, Gabe is able to demonstrate the technologies Dr Rauni Kilde (murdered by such technologies) mentioned in her reworked interview, Bases 5 HD, released in her honour a few weeks ago.
With a focus on the positive , action without any form of hate or revenge, Gabe discusses this and more, with cheap instrumentation, to show what is happening in his apartment, (multiple radio mics for instance), and the ways to find the facts to move forward.
With thanks to the work and fight back of Solaris Blue Raven, who mentioned the activities of the Band Rush in her books and Bases interview. Gabe re-affirms some of Solaris’s material, and gives thanks to her, for her fight back.
Session 2 continues with 2 more parts .

Its important that the researcher goes over the earlier Bases material, and does not simply go over the latest release, as frequently interviews contain vital linked information recorded many years ago.


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