Zen Gardner – You Are The Awakening, A Conversation – Part 3, 3-28-16

Published on Mar 30, 2016

Zen Gardner – You Are The Awakening, A Conversation – Part 3, 3-28-16

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Topic: “You Are The Awakening” A Conversation, Part 3

Zen Gardner was back with us for this hour. We talked about our wild and loony times. With everything that is up in the air and uncertain, how do we keep it together, and stay grounded and okay with Life?

It’s not easy, but consider this from one of Zen’s recent essays, titled, “Crossroads, Off-Ramps and the Time of Transition”…
“While there’s a mistaken idea that once awakened, always awakened, and everything is clear sailing from then on – the truth is that awakening is a continual process, one which we’re only just embarking upon.

Here’s the link to Zen’s new book, “You Are The Awakening”…:


Zen’s essays and appearances on radio programs such as Far Out Radio and The Jeff Rense Program, touch, move and inspire listeners who are tuned into alternative radio. That is because he comes from the place, of a quiet mind and an open heart.

A quiet mind is NOT a blank or empty mind, and an open heart is not a bleeding heart. When the mind is quiet, you see more clearly, and deeply into the nature things, and your open heart, leads you to act with compassion. This makes for a powerful platform to take action. Zen Gardner’s work can help take you there.

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Author and researcher, Zen Gardner talks about his NEW BOOK, You Are The Awakening, on Far Out Radio.


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