MAX SPIERS unplugged on 50316

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Max Spiers Unplugged: Speaking From the Heart, is a rare impromptu conversation, which took place at Miles Johnson’s Bases studio on 5th March 2016.

In this spontaneous and refreshing interview, Max and Realeyes openly share their own personal views and insights about these present Times; also spiritual self empowering solutions of how we each can reconnect and re-remember who we truly are – soulful co-creators.

This pivotal Time of mass conscious awakening “IS Humanity’s Time” to arise from our sleepy forgetfulness and enslavement and consciously address our own self-responsibilities. Now is the time to mature and drop the old paradigms of competition, jealousy, rivalry, blame etc that only separates us, and instead lovingly celebrate each other’s uniqueness, recognising the bountiful gifts and talents we each can share and contribute in this conscious movement of Humanity uniting and working together. United we can create a brighter future that is heart based and harmonious with our natural soulful natures respecting all Life co-existing on Earth and Earth Herself.

This is Humanity’s Time to shine forth our own unique soulful expressions of love, empathy, compassion, grace, forgiveness, healing, understanding, and caring respectful natures with each other.

It’s Time to prove to ourselves and show this Universe that we Humans can and indeed do SHINE!

A BIG warm thank you to Max Spiers for agreeing to this interview and speaking so openly from his heart.

Other Contributors to thank:
Camera: Kathy Thomas @ for more exclusive interviews
Interviewer: Realeyes
Location: Miles Johnson’s Bases Studio, Bases 59


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