Astrology for the Soul March 9, 2016

Published on Mar 9, 2016

There’s an empty void at every end,
A chasm before the new can begin,
Where I am helpless and lose all control,
But am closer than ever to my unconscious Soul.

Let’s keep in mind that as we embark on a spiritual journey toward Oneness that we become ever more “at one” with the collective consciousness and personally feel what is going on there. WE are ending 6500 years of patriarchy! We are ending 2000 years of Pisces! We are ending so many patterns, habits, identities, relationships, and attachments that we can feel like boat without a paddle in the middle of the sea. AND………

A new age is dawning! A new day is beginning, a new life is emerging….. not here yet, wait, sit, look, listen and will feel the stirrings deep down within the belly of the Mother, your own belly. It is the stirring of Love. A new understanding, a new embracing, a deepening. Let’s not miss it with too much noise and chatter. My favorite mantra is “Shhhhhhhh” just be quiet, just BE, that is the Astrology of the NOW, of the time just before the Equinox as we enter the void. No need to be scared, depressed, lonely, lost, down and out or escape, hide, shrink, or freak…. just feel the mystery and BE in awe. Namaste’


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