Bases 56 Valery Uvarov Part One

Published on Feb 11, 2016

With thanks to guest host Sandra Daroy’s mother, we have a special series with Russia’s UFO and ancient history’s specialist Valery Uvarov, via Skype. This is part one of a series.
Involves explosive concepts and the ancient civilization’s existing technology in operation.
Valery Uvarov’s blog site is:-

=Sandra Daroy is a movie maker. Her First zero budget movie was “walk in case” available to view along with “awakening of 12 strands” second low budget movie Trailer .…

Sandra Daroy started off as a professional musician song writer but has worked and gained certificates in many fields from social health, education, fashion, law, property giving her direct contact with broad societal issues and making her in to the writer she is today. Her degree qualifications is in psychology and public health sciences. She has also studied biochemistry, nutrition and researches technologies/alchemy, mysticism and ufology.

Part 1 of several


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