Sleeping Giant Awakens – UBUNTU USA on a rapid rise.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I would like to thank the thousands of people that have supported my activities in the USA since 2010. Your support has laid the foundation for a strong USA UBUNTU movement that is being born.
It has taken 6 consecutive years of travelling and touring in the USA – doing over 120 presentations and workshops, meeting the most amazing and beautiful people imaginable, and planting the seeds of a new world of unity and abundance, to reach this stage. The message of UBUNTU and Contributionism was always received with great enthusiasm and many people across the USA have already started activating this simple philosophy in their own ways in their own areas. 
But as quickly as people get excited and inspired, they get caught up in the daily trials and tribulations of life in the capitalistic world, and have to do what it takes to survive. This is how the system has been created – to slowly erode our energy, until we submit completely to the slavery system that we are born in to. So – it has taken 7 years to reach a critical mass in the USA – to find one person that put his hand up to say – “I will drive this philosophy in the USA – I will be the custodian of UBUNTU in all its forms – and ensure its continued growth by creating a core group of people that carry the message of unity and abundance with me.”
Finally I have found this individual in Michael Sunseri – from Oregon. He has taken on the role of National Coordinator UBUNTU USA. (GoToGuy)

From the first discussion we had, it felt like I was talking to a long lost older brother in consciousness. Michael has taken it upon himself to become the driving energy behind UBUNTU USA and the UBUNTU Party USA. Within 2 weeks, he has already assembled the makings of a core team that is working on many levels, which includes setting up a physical office. Lisa Hays was the first one to join Michael with her legal background to ensure that we do things smartly. She is investigating requirements for registering a political party and a non profit company for UBUNTU Planet USA. 
Other activities going on right now is creating a new UBUNTU Party USA website – and assembling a strong core team to grow the movement rapidly – this team will consist of IT support, design, events management, office admin, legal, fund raising, PR, social media activation and many more functions. If you want to be part of the UBUNTU USA core management team and have special skills that will enhance our activity – please contact Michael Sunseri on

I encourage the more than 400 people in the USA that signed up to be candidates or representative of the UBUNTU Party USA to contact Michael Sunseri and become involved from the start in whatever way you can. We are considering the feasibility – just like in Australia – to encourage as many people to participate in the upcoming USA elections, and stand as independents – united as a collective by the UBUNTU philosophy and plan of action to win the majority in just ONE SMALL TOWN – or county or state. Michael and the USA team will have more information on this plan ASAP.

We are planing a firsts annual UBUNTU USA conference for later in 2016 – more information will be released about this as soon as final arrangements have been made. We expect the website to be ready within 2 weeks. Thank you for reaching out to me Michael – I honour you for your commitment. 
Go UBUNTU USA – the giant has awakened.

In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger


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