SGTreport – Negative Rates & RISING Gold: Just a Taste of What’s Coming — Ivan Bebeck

Published on Feb 21, 2016

Executive Chairman and co-founder of Auryn Resources Ivan Bebeck joins me to discuss the big moves we’ve seen in gold, and the even more dramatic moves in gold & silver stocks over just the past month, with some of the biggest names nearly doubling in price. The GDX mining stock ETF has moved from $12 to over $18 over the last several weeks. “The world is starting to go long gold”, says Bebek.

Mr. Bebek formerly was the President. CEO and co-founder of Cayden Resources Inc., which was sold to Agnico Eagle Mining Limited for $205 million in November 2014.

Ivan reminds us, “During the last gold bull market, when you took the total market cap of ALL the gold companies in the world, they would have fit into ONE big tech company on the Nasdaq. That’s how SMALL the world gold investing market is. The door on the way out and the door on the way in is small… It’s happening now, this is the start of the turn… You’ll start to see everything in the pennies go to the dollar, everything in the dollars go to the double digits.”

As nation states continue to print themselves into debt oblivion, are we seeing the beginning of the most massive gold and silver bull market the world has ever seen?

Auryn Resources

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