Bix Weir – Final Bankster “Pump and Dump?”


Just a note about what will likely be a last ditch effort by the Banking Powers to fry the shorts over the next few days by using their old “Pump & Dump” game plan before the Big Crash.
It already started in Europe with a newspaper article stating that the ECB will start buying banks stocks which sent the Poster Child for bad European banks, Deutsche Bank, soaring 15% on the news. Pure fantasy but it was enough to fry some of those wanting to benefit from the death of the largest derivative holder in the world.
The Pump part is now hitting the US futures in the pre-open of the markets because it’s a big week for Janet Yellen as she is to testify to Congress and the markets ALWAYS have to behave themselves when the Fed Speaks…that means gold and silver must be slammed as well.
Thanks to the Plunge Protection Team and the Exchange Stabilization Fund for all this artificial fun and gamrs.
But when the Rigging Machine is turned back to idle in the coming days/weeks and reality pokes it’s head out again…LOOK OUT BELOW!
My guess is this “Operation” will only last a few days into next week.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
Book 3 “The Road Awakens” by Bix Weir

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