Published on Jan 17, 2016

UPDATED with the list of people who have added their names to the petition.

Alexandra Meadors and Will Berlinghof team up again to review The Declaration of Sovereignty and how it parallels with The Declaration of Independence. We must self-declare and reclaim our freedom now and this new Declaration of Sovereignty has been Divinely Guided and brought forth VERY SPECIFICALLY on December 21, 2015! Not only has this been kicked off with Galactic Connection THREE years from December 21, 2012, but the month of December is a THREE, the date of 21 is a THREE and 2015 is the year of 8 = MANIFESTATION! Will Berlinghof and his lovely wife Callista “received” this document and put their heads together with Alexandra to put out a video request for ALL Beings to put their Stamp of Allegiance with this Declaration.As we see our liberties eroding enormously, the compression of humanity has become self-evident. This event is a call to action, for us to go beyond what we consider ourselves to be capable of in the physical.They review the difference between requesting help versus being rescued and how our Galactic Brothers and Sisters perceive us. Considerations on mass meditations are also discussed and why we need to pursue individual ceremony and impromptu gatherings with friends when completing this declaration! We need help as we walk this new step into a new world but we must declare our sovereignty.Anyone with the desire, intent and willingness can bring forth Galactic Assistance NOW!
Will and Alexandra also partake in a Q & A with Cosmic Awareness to review some very interesting topics such as that humanity is ready to take action, the experiment in consciousness is at its conclusion, the unstoppable collective movement, the difference between this world age and others, the concept of time and safe passage, the cosmic gateways and how we incarnated, and much more.Please proclaim the following Declaration of Sovereignty as often as you feel compelled to do so:

Instructions:This is not a signed petition that you send to someone – you just read it out loud.You may share this with others who may wish to add their voices to the petitioning of Higher Forces for assistance and intervention.You can do this Declaration and Petition for Assistance at any time that you feel is the right time for you, in the privacy of your own space.In the petition, it is requested that you state your name after the opening word “I”.
Overview:The situation on our planet at present has reached a critical point. If you feel that you want to do something, but have felt unsure of what to do, consider adding your voice to the many who are not in agreement with the actions and deceit of governments that claim to be the legitimate voices of the people.

To this end, we offer the petition that follows as a means by which the Individual and the Collective can declare themselves. Furthermore, through this petition to the High Spiritual Councils that oversee Humanity, we declare our own unique Sovereignty as autonomous Beings, as well as adding our voices to all other Sovereign Beings who request assistance and intervention at this crucial time.

Declaration of Sovereignty and Petition to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters for Assistance:

“I (use your name) declare myself to be a Sovereign Human Being.
I exercise my right to request assistance from the High Council of the Central Sun and all other Councils that are aligned with the Central Council, that are involved with Humanity and Mother Earth.
As a Sovereign Being, I now petition the High Councils for assistance.
As a member of the Collective that is Humanity, with the rights of a Sovereign Being, I add my voice to the Collective that is seeking to awaken at this time. I request personal assistance in my spiritual life and the journey of my earthly existence, and am open to receive such assistance from those who are here, waiting to hear this request.
Furthermore, I add my voice to the Collective of awakening Sovereign Beings, the true voice of Humanity, in the request that assistance and intervention be given at this time to help Humanity as well as Mother Gaia to pass through the seas of turmoil that are affecting the Planet and the Solar System.
I speak this in full accordance to my rights as a Sovereign Being, to petition those Higher Forces that are waiting to be of assistance to Humanity, Mother Earth and all those who are seeking to evolve unhindered into the Light of Divine Spirit.
It is so.
It is so.
It is so.”

Please send your oath/electronic signature for us to add to the video to: Will.Berlinghof@bigpond.com


Many thanks 🙂
Callista and Will


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