USA Watchdog – Full Default of Global Debt Coming-Andrew Hoffman


Full Default of Global Debt Coming-Andrew Hoffman

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer Andrew Hoffman says the Fed has a lousy track record for predicting the economy. Hoffman explains, “It’s not just the Fed, but all central bankers have been wrong on pretty much everything they have said. In the case of the Fed, in particular, which is by far the most important central bank in the world because what they . . . do destroys everyone else, it’s been three years, and they have been talking about economic recovery, and then they decide to raise rates just as the economy gets the absolute worst in our lifetimes. We are getting closer to the Yellen reversal when she is forced by markets to admit they have been wrong.”

Hoffman, who is a former Wall Street oil analyst, points out, “Oil is about to go under $30 a barrel, and it may go a lot lower. This is an historic imbalance, and it’s not just crude oil, but all commodities. . . . There has been too much money printing for too many years and too much financial engineering and cheap and easy loans, which has created a gargantuan oversupply of absolutely everything. Former Fed President Richard Fisher just went on CNBC and . . . literally said we manipulated the market because it was falling and we created a bubble, and guess what? It’s bursting, and there is nothing you can do about it. . . . One by one, they are all saying they were wrong. Greenspan is saying it. Bernanke is hinting at it. A lot of Fed governors that are leaving are hinting at this, and pretty soon, the whole world will know it.”

On the Fed raising interest rates again, Hoffman says forget it and explains, “You can’t have interest rates go up in the slightest—at all because we already have the highest indebtedness in the entire history of the world, not just here, but everywhere. On top of that, you created all this excess supply that never would have come to being, like all this oil. . . . I believe that when you couple that with all this debt, there is only one thing that can happen and that is a full default of all these billions and trillions of dollars of debt. Then, of course, the only thing central bankers know how to do is print money . . . and that’s what they are going to do until they hyper-inflate every currency in the world. . . . When I look at the balance of evidence, it’s impossible for me to consider a scenario where something extremely bad doesn’t happen in the next 12 months.”

Hoffman says things will spiral down so dramatically that, at some point, Yellen and the Fed will have to do an about-face on interest rates and resume QE (money printing) to try to pull the economy back up. The reaction for gold and silver prices will be to spike higher as Hoffman contends, “If the Fed actually comes out and says we are done with rate hikes and we are going back to easing again, I think a full flood of a dam breaking like in the Superman movie is what you are going to be seeing in the gold and silver markets. I don’t think the cartel will have a chance in hell of stopping the positive momentum. . . . Once the Fed admits it was wrong and there never was a recovery . . . I think that’s the endgame for the gold cartel.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andrew Hoffman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.

(There is much more in the video interview.)


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