Astrology for the Soul January 6, 2016


Published on Jan 6, 2016

To break the cycle of endless dependence,
I must heal the shadow,
Through full self acceptance.

Happy New Year! With the New Moon this weekend in Capricorn (on Pluto), and Venus on top of Saturn this is definitely a time for plans, resolutions, and reflections. So yeah, the upside is planetary support for deeply dissecting your life, analyzing your deepest inner world, and intensely addressing your relationship needs and issues.

The downside is that it can seem a little heavy, sober, and depressing when you might like to just lighten up and party! Thank goodness for Venus coming into trine Uranus at the end of the weekend to break up the perhaps, bleakness of the days. Wishing you luck on your healing journey and hoping you remember that what goes down must come up, most often rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and more enlightened!


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