Above All Else, Hold The Space! Overview of 2016 with Cosmic Awareness, December 29, 2015

Published on Dec 29, 2015

Published on Dec 29, 2015

In this last week of 2015, Alexandra Meadors and Will Berlinghof share yet another amazing interview. Cosmic Awareness comes through with clarity and purpose, sharing messages we all truly need to hear and assimilate as members of the enlightened spiritual community.

As Will channels the Cosmic Awareness, you will hear information on:

*The role of the Enlightened Ones

*The importance of holding one’s energetic space

*How holding and projecting a positive nature is a great and wonderful service to Humanity

*That the most important issue at hand is how we as Humanity raise and hold our individual and collective frequencies

*How more and more are awakening for the first time to the feeling that Now is a time to ask questions

*An overview of the division that exists in the geopolitical power ranks; that this is growing and will only serve to bring out the truth for all to see

*Sept. 9, 2016 will bring in another Wave of Divine Soure Consciousness

…and much, much more!


Will Berlinghof’s website:

Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that spoke through Edgar Cayce, and who speaks again today through Will Berlinghof as Planet Earth and Humanity go through these critical transformative times.

Will has gained insight, awareness, wisdom and knowledge of current events and how hidden agendas are at work to affect Humanity. He is able to synergistically integrate disparate information to bring forth new awareness of how things are linked, to have a clear discernment of what is really happening with world events. Thus he is well-suited to the role of commentator, addressing and discussing world issues, and bringing an understanding of the circumstances of these times, how it all comes together and what it means for Humanity. He is able to project a broader and deeper perspective of what is truly going down.

Due to his continued dedication and his own journey of self-discovery, Will is well-equipped to stand as one who can help make sense of this paradigm and how to best navigate the issues facing Humanity. His diligence has earned him international repute and clients from around the world and he presents himself for further service as Humanity and Gaia move through this exciting and challenging transformation.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the person interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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