Who Owns New Zealand Banks?


This project began as a simple investigation into who owns the main banks in New Zealand. We knew they were Australian owned, but that’s not quite all.

The research quickly became much more involved as the shareholding structure traced right back up through the main Australian banks and into a deeply entangled web of interlocking international shareholdings by way of multiple entities, comprising many of the largest banking and financial institutions in the world.

Data from the findings of other research is included and cross-referenced into the upper echelons of corporate ownership, to the central banking and reserve banking systems and ultimately to the Bank for International Settlements. While this research started out with a New Zealand focus, it is ultimately relevant to anyone in any country around the globe, the principles seem to be very similar the world over – especially given who the mega companies at the top are.

This is not a book, it is a 20 page long paper with illustrations, written in (hopefully) an easy to digest magazine-style format. The file size is 49MB in order to provide quality for printing. We hope that it serves as an accessible and easy to understand introduction to the ownership structure of the local and global banking systems, and to the key players that are in control.

This is important factual information that affects everyone. Please take the time to download and read it. If you feel that this work could be of benefit to others then we would encourage you to share this URL.

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One thought on “Who Owns New Zealand Banks?

  1. Obviously it’s an elite few who run and control everything. But it’ll be an interesting read. Some more info to wake those of us who are still asleep I’m sure

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