Buzzsaw – The Shadow & Metaphysical Code Of Light + Darkness Explored with Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Explore the shadow, and learn of life’s duality both light and dark, with an exploration of metaphysical energy as a means of understanding and managing the destructiveness of the universe and humanity, in this discussion with Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari. Processing negativity beyond scapegoating external entities, and cleaning the slate to create renewed energy, plus the influence of destructive childhood trauma and genocide on the cellular level are revealed. How to heal the trauma within, and the next step in human evolution through honest renewal is illuminated in this Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Colin E. Davis is a self taught expert in this area of law and litigation and has over 5000 hours of study into the field including mortgage backed securitization. He now offers personal coaching for those litigating against predatory financial institutions or recovering from the loss of property and self respect that is inherent in foreclosure.
Melissa is a recording artist, musician and songwriter and a uniquely compelling performer. She maintains a passion for music and performance art that began in childhood, and has acted as a lead vocalist for numerous musical bands including the metal act Death Under Fire. Besides her work on the film V is for Virus, she is working on a multimedia live performance project which encompasses many of the personal epiphanies being revealed to her. She is also currently working on a comic book which is a fictional account of the work she creates with Colin Davis.
Melissa’s move into the natural healing and health industry was related to her experience of having cervical cancer. She spent a year experimenting with treatments, studying, and trying many different cleansing diets, bodywork, and healing modalities. She succeeded and forced the disease into remission within a year, and has remained cancer free for almost two decades. She began working for Whole Foods Market in the late 90’s and has served in many roles – as a store educator, customer service supervisor and in the whole body supplements and herbs department. She has been certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.
Melissa mentors and coaches others in nutrition, healing, and fitness and has for the past 15 years. She currently continues to evolve her own personal consciousness and to live a life of art. She always enjoys supporting others in finding their own passions, internal flame, and in leading their own divine lives.
Beginning in 2012, Colin and Melissa teamed up to continue the personal spiritual work they had been doing alone, and discovered that their connection was a deeply spiritual and alchemical bond which activated a new level of consciousness in them both. Colin experienced many physiological changes in his body, including a week long heart-based Kundalini awakening, and was able to access deep emotional wounds he had been harboring. Together with Melissa, he started a new phase of his life which came on suddenly and intensely and which has produced the work discussed on Living In The Movie.Com and the creation of the up-coming film, V is for Virus.


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