Pedophiles Down Under Fiona Barnett and David Shurter on Cancel The Cabal Show

Thanks Allan. This is not pretty guys but expect new levels of weird now as we are entering new territory of disclosure. KS

Published on Dec 16, 2015

Pedophiles Down Under Exposing Australia’s VIP Child Abuse Network, Fiona Barnett and David Shurter join me on the Wednesday evening December 16, 2015 Peoples Internet Radio Cancel The Cabal Show to out the major pedophile ring in Australia, with big names at the top, President Nixon, Billy Graham, Anthony Kidman, Nicole Kidman.

THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES RAPE KIDS TOO. Much of our focus has been on the pedophile antics of the Roman Catholic Church. But victims are increasingly speaking out against all religious denominations in response to Fiona Barnett’s testimony against the most famous Southern Baptist Reverend Billy Graham.

“I grew up in a Christian family. Looking back over my life, all my abuse began because of protestant churches. The Reformed Church my family attended had a gang of young men who would stalk, verbally abuse all the girls, and rape us… The church elders’ (their fathers) typical response was ‘boys will be boys’. Any girl whom happen to fall pregnant was made to publically repent of their sins before the church membership. The boys were never made to repent. No, it was us girls’ fault.

“My father, being aware of Freemasonry and Illuminati, was very outspoken. The gang of boys were connected to biker gangs and it was bikies who ended up abducting me and sexually abusing me over a 6 month period. Afterwards, my father received a warning letter from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, telling my father to shut up or else. These bikies killed another young girl on the first night of my abuse, to make sure I would shut my mouth – letting me know that is what will happen to me if I did not comply to their demands.

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