Joni Mitchell – River (1971)

Merry Christmas everyone, please say a prayer for Joni who has been unwell. She is a true creative spirit. Much love. KS

Published on Jun 26, 2013

About Joni Mitchell’s composed tune this was written in the LA Times:

“As it turns out, though, plenty of artists have been dreaming of a blue Christmas over the past decade, as Mitchell’s song — originally featured on the not-exactly-festive album “Blue” — has somehow become a seasonal favorite.

“River” has long been a popular cover among musicians, more than 100 of whom have recorded it for commercial release. But since smooth-jazz guitarist Peter White featured “River” on his 1997 holiday set, “Songs of the Season,” the tune has been included on more than two dozen Christmas albums. This year alone, it’s appeared on at least seven new seasonal discs, from Sarah McLachlan’s Grammy-nominated “Wintersong” to “James Taylor at Christmas.”

“I don’t know why it’s suddenly getting picked up as a Christmas song,” Taylor says. “But some things just become identified as seasonal songs, and this is now one of them.”


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