Tory Smith -Connecting to Divine and Sacred energy and sending to others…or any person, place or thing.

Tory passed on his prayer. He asks that if anyone wishes to support & thank him then please consider saying these prayers for the children. KS


“With the Full Power and Authority of God, I AM,
I envoke The Ray of Divine Justice into
every molecule, cell, DNA, energy particles and waves,
sub-atomic particles and waves, and the spaces in between
of the Mind, Body and Soul of ___________________”

Insert the name of a person, place or thing. however if clearing an area
sometimes you don’t have to say DNA, but I like to have all the “bases covered”
because there might be an invisible to us person that may be at the location
we are sending the energy to. Some of my favorite energies to work with are

More Sacred Lights/Energy
The Gold Ray of Christ
The Sparkling Emerald Green Healing Energy
The White Light of the Holy Spirit
The Opalescent Ray of Divine Grace
The Silver Violet Flame
The Crystalline Christ Consciousness Energy

Thank you and God Bless you all, and another thing I ask people to do is to consider saying
” I refresh and renew my cord of Light connecting me directly Into the Heart of Mother and Father God”
Love Tory


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