Tory Smith – Last night 236 children gang raped and murdered

This may be deemed to be pretty ‘out there’ to some of the viewers of this blog. Believe me, 26 years ago when I started this journey the information I thought was ‘whacky’ then is perfectly comprehensible now so hang in with it & keep your minds wide open……we are entering new levels of disclosure now that may blow your socks off. Tory is a really good guy & he has taken on a personal task this lifetime to assist these children & us all. Send him positive energy, blessings & prayers for all he does as that will support him immensely. Oh & subscribe to him on Youtube & then they will really know we are watching them!! Thank you. KS

Published on Dec 13, 2015

12,000 children have been processed into the meat supply of Cargill. Mitch Daniels of Purdue University has murdered another child. Mike Pence has raped another boy with Ergen of Dish Network. I would like to repeat-The United states of America is processing the children they rape and murder, mostly Mexican children, into the Cargill meat supply. The meat is being sold to Mexico, and the Mexicans do not know they are eating their children for dinner. this is happening every weekend in America. When I say they were there, I mean in the locations nationwide. Participating were the CEO’s of General Motors, Rand Corp., Cargill, with 14 army gernerals, and members of the war criminal State dept., and others.


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