Published on Jun 29, 2015 Visit ***MAJOR REVELATIONS!*** In this historic and powerful Dark Journalist episode, Host, Daniel Liszt welcomes Watergate Lawyer and Author Douglas Caddy. Caddy is well-known for being the Attorney of the Watergate burglars who mysteriously broke into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) looking for secrets that have never been revealed, […]

Alfred Lambremont Webre – Ella & Abraham: Evidence from Hampstead UK pedophile network leads directly to PM David Cameron

Published on Jun 29, 2015 Ella & Abraham: Evidence from Hampstead UK pedophile network leads directly to PM David Cameron NOTE: The normal Skype recording was intentionally interfered with by an outside agency. This is a backup recording and we urge viewer patience. You are witnessing an international information war around the activities of pedophile […]

USA Watchdog – Michael Pento: Most Dangerous Time-Since the History of Economics, Gold and Silver Update and More! Greg Hunter’s  Money manager Michael Pento thinks the Greek debt crisis is small when you consider the enormously leveraged global economy.  Pento contends, “That’s why I consider Greece as more of a distraction.  It’s a small piece to the puzzle.  You look at debt that extends all across the planet, every asset on […]

Simon Black – Greeks are standing in line with garbage bags at ATMs

June 29, 2015 Singapore It is somewhat amusing that the word ‘crisis’ originates from Ancient Greece. It’s actually a medical term; Hippocrates wrote extensively about ‘crisis’ being the key turning point in disease progression– the time at which it either overcomes the patient, or it subsides. And though the word ‘crisis’ is thrown about routinely […]