Vatican Arrests Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski on ‘Pedophilia’ Charges The Vatican on Tuesday arrested a former archbishop accused of paying for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic, the first-ever arrest inside the city state on charges of paedophilia. Jozef Wesolowski, a Pole who was defrocked by a Vatican tribunal in June, has been placed under house […]

The Intercept – The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria By Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain @ggreenwald@mazmhussain As the Obama Administration prepared to bomb Syria without congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was […]

Joseph P Farrell – CHINA, CHILE, AND ECUADOR: BRICSA EXPANDS AGAIN… Posted on September 29, 2014 China is pushing its contacts further and further into South America as confidence in that region in the USA’s trustworthiness wanes, and in this case, there’s an indication of what the underlying issues for Latin America may be. Consider, first, that China appears to be putting into place the […]