August 26, 2014 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

Welcome to the New Paradigm Astrology website! While our site is primarily directed toward educating others about the value, understanding and insight offered through the art/science of astrology, WE ARE MORE THAN THAT! We are a group of people using an interdisciplinary approach toward changing the course of history and assisting the evolution of humanity.>/span>

One method of achieving this both personal and collective goal is Kundalini Yoga, practiced and taught by Kaypacha, and shared on this website. Another, is the New Paradigm Community, dedicated to both education and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and initiatives. In addition, PLEASE click on the LINKS tab to see the variety of initiatives now under way to make this planet the paradise it can be for all people, plants animals, and nature. Please consider donating your time, energy, and finances to these initiatives if not dropping everything and making one of them your new life! Injoy!
Life is a celestial symphony,
Now wanting to be shared.
I’m one of many instruments,
Being polished, tuned, and prepared.
Feel it happening? I hope I stressed enough in this video the awe, the wonder, the amazement that awaits those who experience this grand symphony! It takes work, discipline, patience, honesty, on and on and on to create and share this new paradigm of reality…. BUT…. the results are gonna be FANTASTIC and the kids and their kids and their kids are gonna go WOW….. they did it!

So hang in there, especially for the next couple weeks and let go of those limiting core beliefs that are causing hurt, pain and suffering within and without. Time to look at it, own it, learn from it, let it go, and move on undaunted, unbeaten, and fully tuned! Injoy
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