How the Earth Provides Free Energy: The Fruits of Permaculture

My lovely friend Chase Binnie wrote this article. KS

Posted on December 25, 2013 by Chase Binnie —
Permaculture (n): an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor.
tumblr_lk404uWO7W1qigqv8o1_500What is it good for? It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more.Why is it important to the paradigm shift? It is basically the art of CO-CREATING your life in harmony with the EARTH. Permaculture takes us from the old paradigm heirarchy to the new paradigm equality.
So what makes permaculture 5D? The 5th dimensional perspective sees life as energy first, physical forms second. The 5D viewpoint sees the subtle energetics that form our ‘physical’ holographic world. Permaculture does exactly that. Permies (people who design by permaculture principles) take full advantage of the natural energetic patterns of nature.
You want FREE ENERGY??
When you design a garden or food forest with the permaculture technique, it AUTOMATICALLY thrives without intervention. Ideally, there is no extra work needed. It is a FREE ENERGY generator. The form this energy generates is FOOD. Fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, grains, nuts; everything humans need to live and thrive on planet earth. No need for jobs, money, government. A life of abundance, surplus, and sharing in community IS possible. It is much more simple than our fantasies. You can begin today.
The way I see it, we are expanding in at least 2 directions:
1. High-tech “galactic” technology, such as Tesla free energy
2. Organic “earthly” technology, such as permaculture

So let’s summarize the common principles of permaculture and our 5D paradigm:

Free energy
Available to all people
Abundance, abundance, ABUNDANCE
No ‘work’ or ‘effort’ when designed correctly
Community living
No money needed
No government needed
Complete sovereignty
Harmony with nature
Designed by matching resonant frequencies (plants & animals work together)
I could go on forever talking about this permaculture perspective of life, but this article is a short introduction to the concept. I kept hearing people in our 5D community and on the radio shows.. “We want free energy” “We want practical solutions for a better life” “We want to get out of the old system” AND permaculture, growing your own food, living in community, thriving in abundance ALL seems to align with those desires.

If you are interested in learning more, type “permaculture” into YouTube and start exploring! Also, you can search for permaculture groups in your local area (via Facebook groups,, etc). It’s becoming VERY popular around the world.

This world is awesome, you just have to look for the awesome-ness, and you’ll find it.
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