Update on Andrew Bartzis

What’s happening?
Hopefully you haven’t taken our silence lately to mean we were on vacation. Although some of the Sovereign Media team WERE hanging out in Hawaii for a while, they were very busy. Some plans and projects are still too undeveloped to release news to the world on them just yet, but here’s what we’d like to bring to your attention today:

Right around the summer solstice, when some of the team were at Mount Shasta, Andrew Bartzis was interviewed on the subject of “Galactic History.” Twenty half-hour segments were recorded, and have now been placed on our Youtube channel. You can find them conveniently on a new page we’ve added to the sovereignmedia.net web site, where those who’d rather read can obtain transcripts of the sessions.
In an effort to serve the growing number of people who would like a “reading” from Andrew, we’ve implemented “reading rooms,” where during the period of a couple hours, Andrew will give mini-readings to (usually) 5 people. Other people are free to listen in as well. Following the readings, the recording will be made universally available, as the information may resonate with people other than the person Andrew was giving the reading to. Recordings from the 5 reading rooms we’ve held so far are now available for listening or download at sovereignmedia.net.
Coming up next week on Thursday, September 19th, we’ll be doing a broadcast with Andrew Bartzis, Inelia Benz, and Teal Scott, beginning at 6:00pm Pacific time. Put this on your calendar, because you do NOT want to miss this event! (More details will be released soon on the web site and these E-mailed communications.)

A great many people have wanted to get a reading from Andrew (some having waited for months) and have written to us inquiring what the process is for that to take place. We tried a queue, but because of time zone issues, the scheduling wasn’t working out. We’ve also got the factor of Andrew’s increasingly busy schedule. Here’s what we’ve come up with at the moment as the most workable (and hopefully reasonably fair) solution:

When Andrew finds that he has a block of a couple hours available where he will be able to do some readings, we’ll send E-mails (such as this) to everyone who’s expressed an interest in being alerted to that.
in the E-mail will be a link to the booking/scheduling site we’re using. People can go there and see what dates and times are available, and reserve a time. The time slots get booked very quickly, so if you’re hoping to secure a slot, it’s important that our E-mail reaches you in a timely manner, and that you act on it — fast! Thus, if you’ve got an aggressive spam filter and you find communications from us getting trapped, it would be advisable to add sales@sovereignmedia.net to your address book, white list, or whatever you have to do in order to insure these E-mails don’t get delayed! (You may even want to set up a special E-mail address for us with NO filtering.)
What you need to do now, if you wish to receive the reading alert E-mails (because Andrew is thinking he may have some time to do readings next week), is click where it says “update subscription preferences” at the bottom of this E-mail. That will bring up a screen where you’ll see (near the bottom) a place to check YES to E-mails about Andrew’s readings. If you want to update your name or E-mail address, that’s good, too, but don’t worry about the fields in the middle of the screen as they’re for our internal use. Don’t forget to click on Update Profile when you’re done.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and please spread the word about Sovereign Media! (We’ve got some fantastic stuff coming up!)
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3 thoughts on “Update on Andrew Bartzis

  1. this information is vital.i would like to help with the translations to spanish. if you need help,just email back with the word help with spanish,but first i would want your permission to be handled by andrew crew.this info has many layers,its a challenge.fun challenge.

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