The Transitioning 31 Aug/1 Sept 2013

This show has a replay of the global meditation so please join in. It does not matter when you participate as all the energy collects in the same field & resonates from there. KS With Bob Wright, Carmelle Migliore & Julien Wells “In these times there are beings that are expanding their consciousness into […]

Why Americans are Against War on Syria

Published on Aug 30, 2013 In this video Luke Rudkowski documents an anti war protest on August 29th 2013. He asks the protesters why they are protesting, what people should know and what they hope to happen. follow luke on… Support us by subscribing here http;// Check out our merchandise: […]

The UCC Connection – How The Uniform Commercial Code ‘Secretly Took Over’ The World – 1 August 2013

Thanks to Damion at for reblogging this article. KS UCC Seeing through the Mud ”I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” – Howard Freeman The clarity afforded the average Joe when it comes to applying the Law to his […]