McDonald’s latest scheme

Rob Wohl,
McDonald’s is STILL trying to convince workers to accept their wages in the form of ridiculously exploitative Visa debit cards. These cards charge employees huge fees every time they want to access their own money, but they save McDonald’s a bundle on the administrative cost of cutting checks. Now we’ve got an idea to show McDonald’s that customers won’t let it scam its workers.

McDonald’s is in the middle of its summer Monopoly promotion, and it actually staged this photo-op, unintentionally showcasing its 1% bona-fides. We couldn’t resist putting our own spin on it. Now, to get McDonald’s attention, we want to take over its promotional hashtag #McDMonopoly. And since McDonald’s doesn’t let anyone write on its Facebook page (we wonder why), make sure to tag it by including @McDonald’s in your own comment.

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McDonald’s is pushing these cards on the same website that hosts the totally out-of-touch McBudget, complete with a 75-hour work week and magical free heat. That budget was bad, but these cards might be even worse. One McDonald’s franchise tried to force workers to accept the cards and backed down when workers sued. But the corporation is still pushing the cards, and there may still be stores forcing workers to take them. We need to act now to stop McDonald’s from scaling up this scheme ripping off its employees.

Luckily, we’ve got momentum on our side. In recent weeks, McDonald’s has gotten tons of negative publicity for its ham-fisted attempts to disguise the way it cheats its workers. Let’s let McDonald’s know that consumers are still angry about the ways it exploits workers, and that if it wants to be left alone, it can stop charging employees to access their own money.

Rob and the team at SumOfUs

P.S. If you want to learn more about this debit card scheme, check out this video. And don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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