Opt in – Freedom Reigns Radio

Hey Guys, if you haven’t listened to these shows before then I recommend you start to. Especially if you are following the whole OPPT movement. I get totally inspired & hopeful when I do so I wish the same for you. Each week I listen to this show & the Collective Imagination show the next […]

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Keep an eye on this ones guys as I don’t think we are living in a time where this will continue to get pushed into the background. It’s time this information was out there for everyone to see. KS 4:14 PM – Today A Tale Of Two Steve’s Dr. Steven Greer: “Everything about what extraterrestrials […]

The Astrology of May 2013 ~ Carl Boudreau

May 2013 will be suffused with a revolutionary impulse, a desire to completely remake the world, at the top and at the grassroots level. The impulse will almost surely give rise to dysfunctional and antisocial behavior, but it will also bring profound and substantive discussions among decision-makers and trend-setters. Deep reforms are inevitable. Guess which […]

The Collection Agency Killer

This is obviously for the United States so I’m not sure how it applies elsewhere but nevertheless it is good info to add to the collection. There are many roads up this mountain & I will post them all if credible. KS The Collection Agency Killer Are you just scraping by to survive, living paycheck-to-paycheck, […]