David Icke – Education – Paying to be Programmed

David Icke Newsletter Preview The process of mainstream ‘education’ swamps the left side of the brain with the system’s version of reality by communicating ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ information based on ‘observable evidence’. Students are then told to retain this information, and revise it thoroughly, before taking something called an ‘exam’ in which they must repeat […]

Michael Tellinger Update

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 Notice – TO Ministers & President of South Africa NOTICE: To: The minister of Art & Culture, deputy minister, members of the president’s office and the president. With reference to our: Open letter and enquiry from the UBUNTU Party DATE: 18 Jan 2013 RE: The registration of the corporation called “REPUBLIC […]

Dana Mrkich

This is the latest posting Dana has on her blog & I think, as usual, she hits the nail on the head. Have a read for yourselves. KS Pulling back the Curtain of Oz As I start to think about my upcoming February Monthly Visions one main theme is churning around in my mind: Truth […]