Dana Mrkich – 2013

As you know I love Dana Mrkich & her wise words. Here is her latest offering. Happy 2013 everyone. Let’s create a positive road forward for us all. Goodbye December 21 and 2012 The video version can be viewed here How to describe what everyone is feeling right now? We may as well get one […]

Joseph P Farrell Blog

The more I follow this man the more I think he is really onto it! He does his research & when I read his blog the pieces of the puzzle, that I am hearing elsewhere [ even from the little amount of mainstream media I am aware of ] are all put together. OK, I […]

Coast to Coast Radio – Jay Weidner

Sacred Mysteries : Life After Death, Ancient Texts & the Vril Published on Dec 24, 2012 Author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner discussed his documentary about life-after-death, as well as his research into an ancient group known as the Aryans or the Vril, who migrated to Mars. His film, Infinity: The Ultimate Trip features […]